About Us

      Madeiras Salamoni was created at April 8th, 1944 by José Antonio Salamoni, located at Km 33, road to Palmas, Caçador city, state of Santa Catarina, South region on Brazil, start activities on a estabilishment where almost all was handwork, where the main feature was done with manual work and use of animals in the process of extraction and raw pine wood industrialization. This business activity, with the time passing by, grows and adapts to the circumstances of each period with the Salamoni and sons effort.


      The exploration of pine, imbuias and canelas has continued by almost 40 years. During this time, the rising spirit of enterprise of the creator was passed for the future generations, who, together, still work with this slogan: hardwork, never give in and honesty.

      Consolidated on these principles and with the great participation of the employees, the enterprise, from the sawmill working by the force of the water basin, begin to use the steam force, the truck to transport the wood in substituion to animals, the chainsaw in substitution to the axe and the manual work is lesser than before, with the new machines, in the exploration or industrialization.


      However, by force of movement in cause of enviroment preservation, there was paralysed the production of saw wood on the forest until then in use to iniciate the sawing and industrilization of pine wood, that is, like visionaries, the founders realize soon the unstoppable exploration of native resourses in the region and the difficult and longstanding regeneration of the forest imposed a change of posture to ensure, in the future, the continuity of business. From this moment, one of the first of this kind, the enterprise passed to believe and invest a lot in reforestation of pine.


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